Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stars ans Stripes

Saturday, July 2, 2011
Ok so the 4th is this weekend....yay!

If you need a cute and simple treat for your festivities this weekend you could always make these...

Seriously, they're EASY

What you'll need:

rectangular cookies
blue icing - piping and flood consistency
white icing - piping and flood consistency
red icing - piping consistency - in a bag (or bottle) equipped with a #3 tip.
red sanding sugar


Pipe a blue square


Pipe a white border



Step 4:

Once the icing is completely dry, take your red piping icing and pipe red lines for your stripes.  Dust with sanding sugar.

Finish off with some dots for stars and your done!! :)

See that was almost so simple, making a tutorial for them was almost laughable.  :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Cupcakes And Cameras

Friday, July 1, 2011
So not too much going on over here...

I mean besides the general chaos...

Nothing much.

Just finished some cookies for a wedding in New York (hoity toity!).  They were made to match the wedding invitation.  The theme was cupcakes and cameras.

I gotta say with wedding cookies....

that is just a whole lot of film....

It's July people can you believe it?!  Do me a solid and DO NOT let me forget my wedding anniversary this month in the midst of all this craziness...that would be un-cool on my part....tres tres unromantic

So coming up this month....

A couple tutorials...yay!  I know I've been promising some tutorials so...
Don't get too excited...only one of them is awesome and it's for a friends site so you will all have to go over there to see it....don't worry I'll let you know when it's there.

Gearing up for the 4th!  We will be traveling to Joplin for the holiday.  I haven't been up there since the tornado hit.  Hubby says it isn't the same.  I still have images of that town in my minds eye and I just can't quite grasp that it wont be the same next time I see it.  To me the hospital is still there, the neighborhoods, Pizza by Stout (I'm aching about that one)'s weird to think that it will all be altered.


And on that cheerful note I will now wish everyone a wonderful holiday weekend.  :)
Shoot off explosives, drink beer (and then stay home!), and grill some meat.  Play with the kids.  Turn on the water sprinklers and run through it...bust out the light sabers and battle it out Jedi style...what? y'all don't do that every 4th of July?  Just us?  Oh...well that isn't awkward...

I need sleep.  Goodnight Neverland....

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