Monday, February 14, 2011

And Even MORE Valentine's Cookies

Monday, February 14, 2011
This is probably the last run of Valentine's cookies I will be posting.


Valentine's Day is today after all. I'm kind of running out of time.  But You never know...I could pull another design off.  Maybe.

Anywho... here are the guys pulling up the rear for this season (most likely).  Not my best batch this season but not too shabby....

A bit of a lackluster post.  Well, they can't all be thrilling now can they?  
I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day.  The hubs and I already celebrated Valentine's Day this weekend.  I have the most wonderful husband ever.  :)

So next on the agenda for the month....
more cakes
baby showers
birthday parties

There will be plenty to write about :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Conversation Hearts

Sunday, February 13, 2011
Yes, conversation hearts.....

Been there, done that, a million times.  I want something new.  I want to converse with out words.  Because that's just how I do things around here (ask my look is all I need to give him to convey a thought)

I mean expressions say a thousand how about expressing this moment:

Or how about that facial expression that clearly says:

*reminds me of someone*

And this?

Mix and match....and you can talk without words. 

Ah l'amour!  J'adore l'amour!  

Simple Birthday

Last week my husband turned 29.  He's a little bummed to be getting so close to 30 (but don't worry, he'll get over it).  He had to work on his birthday, so I couldn't really do much for him to celebrate.  So I did what I know how to do.  I baked.

Just a simple cake for a guy with simple tastes.  Yellow butter cake and chocolate buttercream.

Serve with milk.

Happy birthday sweetie.  You improve with age :)

Some Day My Prince Will Come

Well not mine...he already showed up.  So I'm good.  But I know someone out there is probably kissing a lot of frogs waiting for their prince to come along.

I bet they wouldn't mind kissing this guy

Who could resist a pucker like that?


Picture Of The Week (Snow Day)

So last weekend Dallas got quite a bit of ice.  And then about 4 times more snow after 5 inches....and for Dallas that's a veritable blizzard.  (I think there are only 2 snow plows in the whole state and they're in Abilene or something).  So we were stuck indoors all weekend.  Sophie was getting cabin fever and I figured she might enjoy getting out there in the snow.  I myself do not.  I grew up in the south.  Snow isn't something I have too much experience with and frankly it's cold.  But my hubby grew up in Missouri (where my in-laws experienced record breaking snowfall that same weekend), and as he tells it snow is supposed to be fun or something.  Whatever.

I broke down and took her outside.

It was pretty deep...I mean for Texas anyway.  This is a big deal.

**she wouldn't keep her mittens on.**

Well she seemed to be taking after her father.  Snow was "fun" as they say, and a curious fantastical phenomenon.  

This lasted about 5 minutes.  Until she fell into it and then realized....

snow is really cold

Looks like she takes after me and my southern blood.  Snow = cold = NOT fun.  

So we went inside and resumed Dora the Explorer.  And that was the end of our snow day.

Hope everyone who was affected by the weather stayed safe and warm...and if you are strange enough to go out and roll around in it then I hope none of you suffered frostbite or hypothermia.  :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Cookies...loads of them

Thursday, February 3, 2011's been crazy busy around here lately.

First, I got the flu.....I never get sick.  Like EVER!  And I mean that!  I get sick maybe once a year and it's for like 2 days or something if at all.  But this time I was sick with a fever sick...

Explain to me why my husband can call into the office and then stay in bed all day when he doesn't feel well but when I should be confined to bed rest because I can't even see straight, I can't call in?  There are no paid sick days for Mommys.  Just so not fair.

Anyway...then the hubs got sick and then my baby girl got sick.  I hate it when kids are sick.  Every little cough breaks my heart.  :(

So now we have recovered (for the most part) just to get iced in to our home.  Dallas experienced "severe winter weather" and basically shut down half the highways due to hazardous road conditions.  It was a ghost town.  Public transport shut down and the city came to a stop.

However the crew at Starbucks made it in to I suppose Dallas won't go under completely.

Ice days = Baking days ;)

Get ready for an onslaught of sugary sweets:

I've been a busy bee.

I'm not done tho :)

Valentine's is my favorite cookie holiday!  Be prepared to be sick of love by the time Feb 14 rolls around.

I have some fun plans for the blog in the future here.  We have more Valentine cookies coming up (duh), a couple baby showers, a birthday party, and hopefully some really fun not-cookie-related stuff!  (Did she say non-cookie??  *gasp*  I think she did!)

Hope everyone else is making the most out of the foul weather right now.  Stay indoors and stay warm!  Brr!!

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