Monday, March 15, 2010

Sweet Ambs

Monday, March 15, 2010
So I was blogging (yes, I do think that my posts start with a similar opening sentence.  I'm beginning to see a trend...a troubling trend?  Should I be concerned?  Am I a blog addict?  That might be a good topic for a future post...)
Anyway I discovered a new cookie blog.  I am so AMAZED that I have to share it.

Its called Sweet Ambs.  Seriously she's an artist.  Browsing her blog is just looking at one masterpiece after another.

Honestly tho....I keep looking at her blog.  Page after page.  And I'm beginning to feel sick.  She's one of THOSE people.  You know.  One of those PERFECT people...Who lives on their vast expanses of private land with horses and stuff.  Who makes delicious and gorgeous creations without trying.  Who live in rooms with white furniture never fearing stains.  She also probably never has a bad hair day and has a lovely singing voice.

there's those hand painted cookies again...

Oh well...I'm a subscriber.  I've taken the bait.  I'm hooked



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