Monday, April 19, 2010


Monday, April 19, 2010
So I agreed to send samples to some people including my mother.  My in-laws were coming into town this weekend to watch Sophie while we went to Mexico for a wedding.  I decided that would be the best time to play around with sample designs.  Because I could give them to my in-laws to eat and they wouldnt be sitting around here =]

They are kind of sloppy and quickly done.....but I was just kinda playing around...

So whaddaya think?  Different colors?  Go more simple??  They aerent difficult.  Just made 3 colors....

Anyways....hopefully I will send a batch to soon.
 I bought some vanilla while in Mexico and I'm curious to see how cookies will turn out using it.  It has quite a different smell than the vanilla I've used before.  Almost coconutty?  Or just tropical or something...But that is my next experiment.



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