Sunday, June 20, 2010


Sunday, June 20, 2010


Ok so this is the end result of what was SUPPOSED to be a Father's Day cake you can isn't very manly is it?

No... no not really....

Ok so this is the deal.  He acted like he didn't want me to do anything at all for Father's Day.  And even after I convinced him that he needed to give me a valid excuse to bake, the only direction he would give me was no fondant....*sigh*

SO I sketched out like a billion ideas....not a lot of manly things can be done with JUST buttercream without looking like it came from the grocery store.  So....after a couple of failed attempts at a MAN design... I just gave up.  I have a baby that needs attention and a house to clean and dinner to cook.  So I just did whatever I wanted.  :)

Oh well... I'm sure it will taste good just the same.  Man cake or not.  :)



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