Sunday, February 13, 2011

Picture Of The Week (Snow Day)

Sunday, February 13, 2011
So last weekend Dallas got quite a bit of ice.  And then about 4 times more snow after 5 inches....and for Dallas that's a veritable blizzard.  (I think there are only 2 snow plows in the whole state and they're in Abilene or something).  So we were stuck indoors all weekend.  Sophie was getting cabin fever and I figured she might enjoy getting out there in the snow.  I myself do not.  I grew up in the south.  Snow isn't something I have too much experience with and frankly it's cold.  But my hubby grew up in Missouri (where my in-laws experienced record breaking snowfall that same weekend), and as he tells it snow is supposed to be fun or something.  Whatever.

I broke down and took her outside.

It was pretty deep...I mean for Texas anyway.  This is a big deal.

**she wouldn't keep her mittens on.**

Well she seemed to be taking after her father.  Snow was "fun" as they say, and a curious fantastical phenomenon.  

This lasted about 5 minutes.  Until she fell into it and then realized....

snow is really cold

Looks like she takes after me and my southern blood.  Snow = cold = NOT fun.  

So we went inside and resumed Dora the Explorer.  And that was the end of our snow day.

Hope everyone who was affected by the weather stayed safe and warm...and if you are strange enough to go out and roll around in it then I hope none of you suffered frostbite or hypothermia.  :)


Kate H.( said...

We enjoyed the snow too. Being a Texan, since we never get it, we make the most of it, when we do!!!

Shanna said...

Just found your! you are SO talented!!! Also, must say that I, too, am a gal of the South and snow is best viewed from a thick plate glass window with a steaming cup of cocoa in hand...ahhh, beautiful :)


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