Sunday, November 6, 2011

Golden Anniversary

Sunday, November 6, 2011
I don't really DO cakes too often...

They are very time consuming, and tedious, and involve physics and  a PHD or something....I really don't get it.

Probably because I'm not immediately awesome at it.

But I went ahead and got suckered into making a cake for a 50th anniversary for a neighbor and family friend.

By the end I was glad I did it.  It was kind of fun.  I don't know what changed...perhaps it was because this time I decided to stick with what I know....

Now I want to take this moment to say: the idea of putting cookies on cakes...not mine.  I'm just not that brilliant.  If you want to see some more cakes decorated with cookies then head over to One Tough Cookie.  It's awesome.

However in this panicked moment of "you REALLY want me to make a cake?" the idea of using what I knew for this was a no brainer.

I am loving my airbrush...I just got a new airbrush...did I forget to tell you that?

For this cake I used a vanilla cake recipe and a cream cheese buttercream that I found over at Glorious Treats.  It's DELICIOUS!  You HAVE to go over there, make it, and then eat it, and then hide it from yourself so you don't make yourself sick on frosting like I did today.... it was worth it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday.  Next think you know it will be time to go back to work... (NNNoooooooo!!)

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SweetSugarBelle said...

You made me think you were struggling! YOU LOOK LIKE A PRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY cool cake!

Paula said...

Beautiful cake. No, I did not know you had a new airbrush but I sure do like what you did with it.

Barbara said...

just beautiful! How did you get the frosting on the bottom cake so smooth? (I don't do cakes at all!)

Unknown said...

It's a beautiful cake!

Unknown said...

It's a beautiful cake!

Unknown said...

It's a beautiful cake, well done!

THE Tough Cookie said...


I just saw this post!!
AND, your sweet shoutout to me! I was searching and searching for airbrush info and look what I found!

Thank you, Ali!!!! (Better late than never, right?)


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