Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Tube Channel

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
The YouTube channel has finally LAUNCHED!

And if you want a link to the first video you will have to hop on over to Sweet Sugar Belle's and get it!!

About the channel:
I will be posting videos weekly on tips and methods.  Basically this is easier than making blog photo tutorials....for me anyway.  I am not organized enough for photo tutorials.  Blah.
You will unfortunately have to deal with my rambling, mumbling, scatterbrained self...uncensored....scary. But hey if want to mute me and watch in silence I wont hold it against you.  So if there are any questions you may have or anything you want to see demonstrated let me know.  I'll be posting things from the very basic techniques to random, this is how i made this videos.  And hopefully this will be helpful.
Considering that I am putting myself out there, if you hate it, tell me in the nicest way possible maybe?  k??
And if you make something from a video and post it on the net if you want to link back to the tutorial i wouldn't hate that.  :)

Anyway, head over to Sugar Belle so you can head over to my channel and SUBSCRIBE!!!  :)
Thanks y'all for your continued support over the last couple years :)


Unknown said...

Hi I love ur creations, and get very enthusiastic about your channel but when I search for sugar belle I found so many videos that get overwalmed, can you post a link to your channel please? ty so much

Alison said...

TUS DULCES IDEAS: I posted the direct link to Sugar Belle's post in the second paragraph. Just click where it says Sweet Sugar Belle and it should take you straight there. Otherwise I will be posting videos here regularly so feel free to check back for a direct youtube link.

Michele said...

This is great! I recently discovered your blog and your beautiful cookies! Gorgeous work.

Paula said...

I saw your beautiful guest post on Callye's site and watched your video tutorial. Best wishes with the YouTube launch. Looking forward to watching you create one masterpiece after another.

Unknown said...

Ty Alison, found them and suscribe to your channel.. great videos and love the cookies.

Jennifer said...

I really enjoyed your tutorial video! I recently started reading your blog and LOVE it! I just started decorating cookies this December, so I am a beginner. It is very fun, but there are tons of things to learn! Thank goodness for people like you who post these great tutorials! Thank you!

Also, this might just be a question, rather than a real "tutorial" but could you maybe give me some tips for more precise piping. I do the "lift" method rather than drawing like a pencil on my cookie, but I still have issues with getting my icing to come out nice and smooth. It seems my tips make the icing want to come out "curly" some times. I have read that PME tips solve a lot of this problem. SOOOO...all that said, maybe a tutorial in the future on piping since you are very good at it!

Morgan said...

Loved the video! Although I think your first brush embroidery video was great too! Quick question, how often do you wet your brush? Do you rinse it out between each petal? Or just when it seems to be a little dry? Thanks so much! Your cookies are truly inspiring.

Sweet Design Cookies said...

Loved the video tutorial. It's great. Thanks for your time.
You are one of my idols cookies
Best regards from Spain.

Bea @ CancunCOOKIES said...

Yay!!! Congrats, Alison!!! I'm headed over to SSB's and I'll SHOUT this on FB!!!! Thanks for sharing what you do!! xox


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