Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Well, since I never got around to posting these yesterday I might as well post them now and tell you about my Valentine's Day

Sophie and I had a lovely long lunch with my sister in law, which was long over due. :)

Then, I ran errands, did a little shopping, got some work done, cleaned the house and made dinner.  My husbands favorite, Rosemary Chicken. 
Somewhere in the middle of all this Sophie and I decorated cookies for Daddy, and wrapped last minute Valentine's presents.  All the while she's wearing her Cinderella dress she got from Nana.  (She's a little Cinderella obsessed...)  :)

When Dave got home, we ate, and opened presents.  Then splurged on some Valentine's Birthday Cupcakes, that Sophie and I made Daddy. 

The Valentine's Birthday thing is the words of a 3 year old. (love that kid ) :)

All in all nothing too eventful or dramatic or exciting.  No new cars, or romantic escapades set in a harlequin romance novel, no jewels....(actually yes, there was jewels, but that's because I have an awesome husband.)
But no excitement is just the way I like it.  It was quiet and peaceful and full of family and love.  
And to top it off the hubs even did the dishes.  I have never loved him more.....  :) 


Paula said...

Sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day to me...just like your cookies...perfect and beautiful!

Нели said...

Ах,каква красота!


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