Monday, April 2, 2012

Tutorial: Orchid

Monday, April 2, 2012
My friend Haniela emailed me a while back.  Asked me if I would make an orchid.

Um yeah!  I would love to!

See I bought this gorgeous orchid cutter from Ecrandal YEARS ago but never had the opportunity to use it.

So I was thinking SCORE!  An orchid!  :)

And when it was all said and done, I ended up making this:

I dig it (get it?  Dig it?  A little botany humor)

Wanna learn how to make it?  Sure I'll fill ya in!  First you um.... you uh...well then you...well... yeah, get it?  I knew you would...

Ya know, I think it's better in VIDEO

Anyway, I made this for a Virtual Cookie Party called Smell The Flowers!  Go check out the video tutorial, and then go check out these cookies from some AMAZINGLY talented decorators and friends!

1. Black Eye Susan by Lisa, The Bearfoot Baker
2. Carnation by Meaghan, The Decorated Cookie
3. Cherry Tree Flower by Pam, Cookie Crazie
4. Daffodil by Georganne, LilaLoa
5. Daisy by Stephanie, Ellies Bites
6. Dogwood by Marian, Sweetopia
7. Gerbera by Paula, Vanilla Bean Baker
8. Hyacinth by Amber, SweetAmbs
9. Hydrangea by Kim, The Partiologist
10. Iris by Cristin, Cristin's Cookies
11. Lavender by Liz, Arty McGoo
12. Lily of The Valley by Hani, Haniela's
13. Lotus by Marlyn, Montreal Confections
14. Morning Glory by Glory, Glorious Treats
15. Orchid by Ali, Ali Bee's Bake Shop
16. Pansy Nicole, Life's A Batch
17. Poppy by Callye,  SweetSugarBelle
18. Sunflower by Bea, Cancun Cookies
19. Tulip by Lorriane, LorrainesCookies


SweetSugarBelle said...

Ha!!! Botany humor! This is why I ♥ you! I know I gush about everything you make, but this truly is EXCEPTIONAL, Ali!

Unknown said...

Couldn't be more perfect. :)

Nicole (Life's a Batch) said...

Ali, he's absolutely stunning. (I have no idea why I feel this particular flower is male, but I kinda do. Like the prettier versions of some animals are the males, maybe? Haha!)

I really enjoyed watching your vid & seeing the flower come to life. Thank you for being a party of the flower party!

Paula said...

Oh WOW! These are just stunning and your video tutorial was wonderful. The orchids are truly breathtaking Ali.

The Partiologist said...

This is the best garden party! I love love love your orchid!

Lora said...

Simply Stunning!

The BearFoot Baker said...

WOW!! That is the most amazing orchid cookie I have ever seen!! Your video is fantastic and I am going to make these soon! Thank you so much for showing us how to make these:) Did I say WOW already????

Marian (Sweetopia) said...

Gorgeous, Ali!! I can't imagine a more perfect or beautiful orchid cookie - absolutely breath taking!

Unknown said...

You have made a piece art.
Truly exceptional.
shading is perfect and I just can't get my eyes of it.
I'm glad you were able to utilize a cutter you had for year, I hope you'll use it more often now. ;-)

sandie said...

As someone who is a sugar artist and not a cookie artist, I have to say you did an awsome job working with gumpaste! Your orchid is creative and beautiful
Best, Sandie

Carrie said...

Gorgeous! This was my favorite of the collection.

Amber Spiegel said...

This is so gorgeous, Alison! You did an amazing job

Bea @ CancunCOOKIES said...

Beautiful Orchid, Ali! I like them so much that I grow Orchids at home! Your tutos just keep getting better (if that is possible)...

Its a Krystle Life... said...

Hi Ali!

I just came across your page from Pinterest and was wondering if you make cookies for sale. I'm having a shabby chic wedding in June 2014 and would LOVE to have some of your yummy looking cookies for my "sweets" table.

Thank you!

Glory said...

So incredibly beautiful Ali!!

Liz @ Arty McGoo said...

Wowie wow! I love watching you use the airbrush. It is mesmerizing! This orchid looks so real and completely gorgeous! You are an evil genius. You make me want to try new things which = spending money on an airbrush and gum paste :D

Cristin (Pinkie) said...

Alison these are gorgeous! I laughed when I read that you bought the eCrandal cookie cutter years ago and hadn't used it yet. I have a bunch of gorgeous cookie cutters that I haven't had a chance to play with yet. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I love watching your videos and your incredible expertise. Thanks for sharing!

Jaclyns Cookies said...

How did I miss this post!? Unbelievably lifelike and beautiful!

Tara's Glue Sticks and Tape said...

what type/brand airbrush compressor do you use?


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