Monday, September 16, 2013

Tutorial: Speckling with Luster Dust

Monday, September 16, 2013
Ok, I have a really easy tutorial for you...of course I did it in video because it's one of the only ways to really show you how to's more of a live action kinda thing...

But first let me tell you a little about the cookies I speckled.

I made these for the Go Bo Foundation.  Follow the link to learn more.  This is one of two sets I plan on donating to the Go Bo Bake Sale.

It isn't too late to decide you want to participate if you aren't already participating.  The deadline to send cookies is September 30th I believe.  It's a good cause and I encourage you to participate.

Moving on...

I am kind of on a luster dust kick lately.  It's like I just discovered it's many uses.  Where I once regulated it to painting (with extracts) to add a metallic finish, I have now started to explore it's diversity.  I'm on a learning adventure...join me won't you??

Last time I used it, I used it to add shade and dimension to some antique roses.

This time I'm using it to add a background dimension.  I'm specking with a dark gold to add a metallic "pattern" to the background of these very simple cookies.  It takes them from "yawn" to ...well I want to say cute.

And it's super fast, easy, and leaves very little mess as I don't mix it with extracts and fling it all Jackson Pollock style.

Anyway, go check out the VIDEO

And go check out the Go Bo Bake Sale.

I have to run....I have both kids going loco in my casa....


Anonymous said...

The video says it's private :(

Alison said...

was brought to my attention and has been remedied!!! The video should work now :)

Loretta Ray - Sweet Southern Cookies said...

I saw these last night there beautiful. I love the way you talk about the family! It's so cute ��. I love the Go Bo! Keep up the awesome work and videos.

Lauren - Sweet Annaline's said...

I have to say my favorite part of the video is seeing your thumb stained up in food dye, lol! My hands are constantly dyed, especially from airbrush colors. Thanks for the great video!


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