Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Painting Gold

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Ready for a video??!!

At long last!!  I finally made a video!!

Don't get too excited isn't the best quality...I had to film it with my ipad....

BUT CONTENT is awesome!

Wanna know how I get such a metallic gold????

Go watch the VIDEO!!!!

Ooooooo Shiny!!

THIS IS IMPORTANT!  And don't get all huffy on me 'cuz I'm telling you upfront.

***Be aware.....this product (the gold highlighter) is NOT recommended for consumption.  The cookies I made with this were art pieces and were not eaten.  If you are going to make cookies that you intend to eat then I would play it safe and use supergold (KC Super Gold) or a cake and fondant glaze which is edible and will give the same effect (so they say).  Another option is an airbrush spray which does produce a shiny effect but lends less control. I'll test it out and let you know how it works. But if they aren't going to be if your just making cookies for a post, cookie ornaments for a tree, or for a sugar show then this is a really great look.  ***

Bummer.  Sorry for those of you that sell cookies and wanted this shiny look.  BUT, if your like me and use cookies as an artistic outlet....just to make and keep and photograph.  I love it.

However if you DO sell and still want a shiny gold you could always try this stuff!  I can't guarantee it will look exactly the same but it seems to state that it will produce similar effects.  I'm going to order some and test it out....let ya know what I think.

In forefront....I must warn you that I say "um" a lot in this video.  My brain is running on fumes.  I have a very active one year old boy.  I swear I get dumber and slower with each kid.  Lord knows I'm grayer......

Anyway.... I'm headed to Houston for Easter so...ENJOY!!


Unknown said...

Hey Ali.....just a heads up. I bought the glaze you suggested at the end of your post. It was at Orson Gygi when I went to Cookie Con this year. I bought gold, silver, and pearl. When I opened it up and smelled it, I was sorely disappointed. It smells terrible! I would not recommend putting it on cookies. I haven't even tried it since I feel like it would ruin the taste of a perfectly yummy cookie. :(

Unknown said...

I actually have that glaze and do NOT like the look or taste of it. I use Aerimist gold sheen and paint it on. Coloring the icing yellow or brown(depending on shade of gold you want) before I paint works best.

Unknown said...


Blue Sugar Cookie Co. said...

Love your video! Your umm's are adorable lol. I googled Cake Craft Shoppe and I'm thrilled to see they are in Sugar Land- literally right around the corner from where I grew up in First Colony!! :) I'm definitely stopping by there on the way to visit family in Houston next time! :)

kimmy said...

I tried to order the gold and they emailed me saying they do not carry it anymore :(

Alison said...

Pam and Columbia! Thanks for the input. I hadn't used it yet myself but now I know so thank you!

Yes I went there last week and they told me they aren't arrying it anymore also! SO BUMMED! Enjoy these cookies ladies because this will probably be the last set of shiny gold cookies I ever make! :(

Blue Sugar Cookie Co. said...

Oh no! Definitely a bummer!


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