Saturday, June 7, 2014

Baby Season

Saturday, June 7, 2014
So it seems to be baby season.  I've done so many baby shower sets.  AND I've received good news that one of my good friends is expecting her first in December.

So I'm not sure what it is about summer it the settling of the cool weather in the fall?  Make people stay indoors??  I dunno.

Anyway, I'm not going to knock it because I love making baby shower cookies :)

So expect to see some soon.

In the mean time, if YOU are in the business of making baby....cookies that is.  Here are a few gorgeous cutters that you might like.

This is the pacifier cutter from Ecrandal.  I love this cutter.  It isn't easy to find a pacifier cutter out there in the first place and this one is a gem.  And versatile.  (I'll show you more ideas for this cutter later ;) )

I used it with an added bow detail in this set not too long ago

Speaking of this set,

You might want to check out this cutter from Ecrandal too.

I love this rattle cutter because it already has the bow on it....and as my motto goes...

Put a bow on it

Just makes it all better.

Anyway, this is my short post for this Friday as I attempt to get back into the swing of work again.  I've most def made cookies, but I haven't had time to post!  Trying to teach my daughter to pick up her rooms (A BATTLE ROYAL!) and doing some quick home improvement projects while it's summer.  2 kids slow this process down but I WILL TRIUMPH!

Now back to work.


Elizabeth L in Apex, NC said...

So beautiful!! I am speechless over that pacifier cookie... (I don't know why, I'm often speechless over your pretty cookies!) That gilded set is a stunner, too. Thanks for the great baby shower inspiration!

Patty said...

The cookies are spectacular and I also love the gilded set. What do you use for the gilding? I tried some gold lustre dust and wasn't happy with the results and canned the idea for a 50th anniversary cake. I will be making butterfly cookies next month and would like to add some gold touches for this celebration.
Thanks, Patricia

Winn(Cherry Blossom Creations) said...

Gorgeous Ali! I too love the gilded set...though admit I have not been willing to give gold the go ahead myself yet...might try silver first! What an ispiration you and your sugar creations are :) Look forward to seeing more! ~ Winn

SweetSugarBelle said...

Leave it to you to make a pacifier dreamy!!!

Giselle said...

That pacifier is GORGEOUS!

Unknown said...

Y'know...I don't think I have a pacifier cutter! What in the I need to go shopping (yippee!)


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