Saturday, April 9, 2016

Going to the Chapel.....

Saturday, April 9, 2016
My sister got married last month.

It was beautiful.  And perfect.  And I made the sweets :)

Wedding Cake.  I've done wedding cakes before but this is the largest I've ever done.  Let me tell you, this was an experience lol!!

And of course, the cookies.  Credit for the photos goes to Shannon Skloss Photography,  She did an awesome job!!  

I got the cutter from Whisked Away Cookies.  I love their cutters and her tapered cutting edge.  She revolutionized plastic cutters for me.  Love.

I wish my sister and new brother all the best!!  I couldn't be happier!!



The Sandtray Coach said...

Beautiful.wish you all happiness.

Unknown said...

What an incredibly beautiful cake! And your sister is a beautiful bride!


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