Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ok Ok... I Give...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
My name is Alison.  Allie for short (my sister-in-law is also named Alyson so the nickname is imperative.  I'm not trying to be quirky really).  I am a stay-at-home-mother of a beautiful baby girl named Sophie

See...I dont lie.  She's adorable.
My little family lives in Dallas in the great state of Texas (God Bless Texas).  My favorite things are baking, cooking, fashion that I cant wear anymore till I lose my baby weight, stuff I suppose.
Under the partail pressure of my mother to start blogging, combined with the desire to occupy some free time I have decided to give in and start a blog.  Not that I have a lot of free time mind you.  If I did have a lot of free time I would be a lot thinner and I would do a lot more baking....but then of course I would eat the baked stuff...and then I guess I could throw the thinner part out the window...
What am I going to blog about you ask?
No idea really....I'm succumbing to paternal pressure remember?? =]
That being said.... I suppose I will end this post till tomorrow.  I spent too long tonight just trying to figure out how to edit this layout.  Turned out ok if I do say so myself. =]
So just one more pic for the road.

hubby and I on our wedding day
he's such a goof

Till tomorrow then I suppose....


byAnnette said...

Hi Allie~
I saw your Brush Embroidered Cookies on Pinterest today.
They are just lovely.

Continued success with your decorating.


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