Friday, December 4, 2009

She is ONE TODAY!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Wow...I cant believe she is one years old today.  It went by too fast.  I feel like it was just yesterday: little one only a week old...

she was so tiny!!

And now:

my ALWAYS happy baby girl

*sigh*  Now she's almost walking.  Standing up.  Getting an attitude.  Next thing I know it she will be 13 and telling me I ruin her life.  I feel like I'm too young for that.  Part of me really did actually believe that I would be 25 forever.  Then I got used to the idea of 27 and a baby forever.  Why do they keep changing it on me?!  It's so unfair.

Anywho...I will be throwing a birthday party for my little angel next weekend when some of her family can be here.  Then I will be throwing her ANOTHER party for sometime later in the month.  Her grandparents in Missouri (David's folks) cant make it for her first party.  I will be posting pictures of both fetes on here later.  Previews of her party will probably end up on here sometime next week (excuse my amateur photography skills) 
And yes I believe I will post a non personal post sometime today.  The blogging is strong with this one...



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