Thursday, February 25, 2010

Aprons are SO hot

Thursday, February 25, 2010
So I was browsing my Google Reader whilst waiting for the oven to preheat (I'm baking AGAIN...don't act surprised).  Anyway I checked Cake Journal and saw this!!
Isn't that the cutest thig you've ever seen?  IT'S CUPCAKES!!  Anyway it came from Carolyn's Kitchen.  They have all these retro aprons.  I think this one is may fave:
Cake Journal is giving one away.   You should head over there.  


And so that got me started on aprons you see...

found these here 

And then...
these are neat
They are actual vintage aprons from the 40's.  Found them on Ballyhoo Vintage 

Anyway...I should probably buy an apron at long last...but I'm afraid if I buy one I'm going to end up collecting them.  It's like one apron isn't enough.  It's a gateway apron....

Maybe just one.... as a really early birthday present to me =]



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