Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sophie's Party

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Ok so I know I said I would post details from Sophie's birthday party WAY earlier...but you know...if you can't tell by now I'm a bit of a scatterbrain procrastinator.  So I scoured through my camera and these seem to be the only details from her party that I can find:  Sad.  It was a cute party:
I made these meringue cookies.  Adapted a recipe from  Joy the Baker (who by the way is the reason I even knew blogs existed...I'll do a post about my fanatical obsession with her later) and added the stripes via inspiration from Martha (you know who)

Cupcake toppers
Yes I know they look a bit well...homemade.  But they were cute on the cupcakes when it was all said and done.  Used a little icing on some Necco wafers (which are harder to find than I thought).  Edible and easy

Small bit of the birthday banner I made her with the cricut.  Love that thing.

Party Pops.  Got this idea from Hostess with the Mostess.  Yeah directly, pretty much just copied it.  Why alter perfection?  Put them in some flower vases the I got from Southern Living I think (they were a gift)

See...I told you they looked cute on top.  Strawberry cupcakes.  Cream cheese icing.  Can't go wrong with that combination
And there she is in her party dress.  Cutie patootie.  (She LOVES balloons)
She got lots of loot.  I think she had a pretty good time
This is the first party I have EVER thrown.  I didn't even really do parties when I was a kid.  So this was new for me.  And trust me I had help from LOTS of blogs (and my mom - luv you!)  So I think I did ok for a small party of maybe 15 people in a 1200 square foot apartment.  yay!  
Thanks bloggers (who have 10x more talent than me).  You know who you are:  *ahem* HWTM, Tom Kat Studio, Joy the Baker, and probably a whole lot more that gave me inspiration.  
Happy Birthday Sophie



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