Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Peacock Party

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So I have this friend Kim.

We met in the 6th grade.

We were in gym class....running laps around what then seemed like an enormous Colosseum of a middle school gym. 

She was my running partner.  And she killed the time by singing to me.  Not just any old pop song you hear on the radio.  Oh no my friends.  That would have been too average.  No no.  She made up a song with it's own lyrics....generally trying to find creative rhymes to go along with my name.  She's funny like that.

And that's when I knew we were destined to be great.

We weren't besties from the beginning....but she was always there.  And 15 + years later she's still the cake to my ice-cream.

I can't tell you how much I love this girl.

She's pretty much the most awesome person ever.....

Anyway, (I DO have a point to this girly gush fest) after 3 or 4 years working at a thankless job, she's leaving to get her masters in technical writing.  So, at the end of the month, she's packing up and moving to South Carolina for 2 years.

That's a long time without best friend time.  :(  I won' pretend that I'm not a little bummed.....

But over all I'm happy for her.  It's what she's been wanting to do for a while now and I know it will be great.  Even if she has to leave Texas for a little while. 

So In lieu of a much deserved celebration, my hubs and I put a little Bon Voyage weekend together for her.  We got a few people together and went out on the town, back to some of our old single stomping grounds, just as a last hurrah.

And you just know I had to throw her a party.  A peacock party to be exact.

Ok, I'm not much of a party planner or designer or anything.

But it's the thought that counts right?

Oh I am also not a fantastic cake decorator.  The cake was a nightmare.... it was delicious tho.  And that's all that matters to us.  :)

And naturally there had to be cookies:

Ah well....

It was an entertaining weekend.

Kimby.... I love you and I will miss you till you return to Texas again.  :)


Anne said...

Wow! Those cookies are so amazing! The peacock must have taken forever! I love, love, love the detail on the face. I'm inspired!


Paula said...

I haven't been here for ages and OMG I have missed so much. I'm subscribing to your blog. Everything you have created since my last visit is wonderful and I'm totally blown away by your beautiful cookies, especially your latest astounding peacock cookies. WOW.

P.S. You may want to think of posting a note at the top of your blog telling readers to click on the title of each post to view the comment area. Just saying :)

adozeneggs said...

Wow, those peacock cookies are loaded with detail. It must have taken you forever to ice them!!
Very original and clever.. love the bit of sugar on the chest!!

urbanistaweddings said...

Seriously. Do you ship? I want to order some of those cookies. My dear friend is having a peacock bridal shower and , well, Im just not THAT good at decorating!

What does a dozen cost?

Thank you!

Alison said...

yes I do ship... :)



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