Friday, March 9, 2012

Oh La La! Fashion Fund Raiser

Friday, March 9, 2012
There is a foundation here in Joplin called The Lafayette House.

Founded in 1978 by a group of concerned volunteers, Lafayette House began as a short-term option for women who needed a safe place to stay overnight to escape abuse.
Today, Lafayette House is a 55-bed sanctuary for women, children and families who are victims of domestic violence or who struggle with addiction.
Through our residential shelter facility in Joplin and outreach office in Neosho, Lafayette House offers a full scope of services to support women and their families. Domestic violence intervention, substance abuse treatment, children's services, and child care are all available in a caring, nurturing environment.
 It's the only shelter of this nature in the southwest corner of the state and capacity has risen 30% since the tornado.  A safe place for women and children to go.  I can get on board with this.  Which is exactly what I did when I got a phone call asking if I would like to donate cookies for the annual auction.  No brainer, I said yes.  

This years auction (and I believe the previous years too) had a fashion theme and was called "Oh La La"!   There was a silent auction that led to a fashion show showcasing local clothiers, a buffet, and of course cocktails.  This year the guest of honor and MC was designer Anthony Williams from Project Runway fame.  

Now, originally I had planned to do handbags, because they have a handbag theme going on with their auction.  But I started Googling (aka texting my boyfriend), and watching past seasons of Project Runway.  I even have Project Runway All Stars on my DVR.  Mr. Williams was a contestant on the All Stars too, as well as a finalist on season 7.  So we can't deny, that the saucy southern designer has talent and style. 

So I ended up doing a set that features my interpretations of some of his Project Runway designs.  

Now, they aren't all identical to the originals, but my goal wasn't really to replicate anyway, more so than translate or interpret.  I mean, yeah, some are as close as I could get them.... :)  But every once in a while you can't resist!!!

So I hope Mr. Williams enjoyed my inspired cookie designs (if he even saw them...I'm sure he was busy) and I hope it brought in plenty of money for the charity.

I was all set to attend, but after this week, with a funeral earlier in the day, and a long weekend ahead, it just wasn't feasible to attend this year.  

Maybe Hopefully next year :)

Don't forget to enter the first of 5 giveaways!!  I'm giving away a copy of Sugarlicious!!  The deadline to enter is TONIGHT at 11:59PM Central.  *US Residents only*  


Lene said...

Seriously, I am SPEECHLESS!! These are absolutely gorgeous!! The level of detail on the dresses is just amazing!

Jennifer @ Not Your Momma's Cookie said...

Va va voom! Beautiful details :)

Anonymous said...

AMAZING!!!!!!! You just rock Ali!!!!

Carrie said...

The dresses are so fun.

Anonymous said...

Alison, son preciosos los vestidos además la causa es muy bonita ayudar a gente que lo necesita.
Enhorabuena. Un saludo desde Barcelona (España)

THE Tough Cookie said...

Stunning! Great textural details. You nailed those dresses.

THE Tough Cookie said...
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Janet said...

Gracious, you are talented!!

Fantastic dresses... but since I'll never own one (or fit into one) I'm sticking with your sugar inspired designs!


paddle attachment said...

Oh, these dresses are all so fantastic. I love your artistic license - and the ruffles - to die for!

Paula said...

Ali...I'm blown away by these re-creations and I'm sure everyone attending the auction was too. Sorry that you could not make it but no doubt you will be ask to donate to this very worthy cause again next year. Looking forward to seeing what you *design* then.

Anonymous said...

These brought tears to my eyes because they are so incredibly beautiful and so perfect and showcase your amazing talent!!! There aren't words to express how gorgeous and special I think each one of these are!!!!! Maryann


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