Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tutorial: Hand Painting - The Basics

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
So a couple days ago I posted these:

And I instantly got questions about these:

"How did you do the chalkboard ones?  Is it painted?  Is it marker?"

First of all can I just say "WHEW!"  I'm so glad that y'all could tell it was supposed to be a chalkboard!  SCORE!

They are indeed hand painted.  :)

So I thought I would talk a little today about the basics of painting on cookies since I've been doing a bit of it lately.

There isn't too much to say actually, it's pretty straight forward.  You will need:

1. A cookie with dry base icing.  Please, let it dry completely.  If you haven't noticed by now, Sugar + Water = sticky mess.  You want it dry.

2.  Some Americolor gels.  I am not sure how this would work with Wilton.  I recommend Americolor gels because they look and act just like an acrylic paint.  I am afraid that the Wilton won't behave the same way.

3. Liquid.  You have a couple choices: Something alcohol based, such as liquor (vodka!) or extracts.  (If you decide to work with extracts, try to find one that is clear.  ESPECIALLY if you are painting with a light color such as white!)  OR water.  Like plain 'ol tap water...or filtered...or whatever....however you like your water.

4.  Some paintbrushes.  If you think you will be doing a lot of it, and a lot of experimenting, then go ahead and buy an assortment.  I recommend some fine tip round ones to start.  If anything, a fine tip round... but PLEASE don't try to cut costs on your brushes.  I know the super combo pack of cheap brushes is appealing, especially if you are new to this, but you will probably enjoy the experience more if you just buy one good brush to start and move on from there. 

5.  Patience, and the willingness to practice.  If your a natural painter or doodler or sketcher then this might come easier for you.  If you aren't well.....practice practice practice.

Wanna see some simple painting in action?  Go check out the VIDEO

Happy Painting!  :)

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Jennifer @ Not Your Momma's Cookie said...

Thanks for the instructions, but the video is private! I would love to see it :) Thank you very much for posting this!

Alison said...

Strange, perhaps there was a delay of some sort. I just checked it and it's up and running! :) Give it another click!

Jennifer @ Not Your Momma's Cookie said...

It is up for me now! I was just too exited, I guess :) Thanks again for the tutorial!

vicki said...

Thank you, Ali! I love your tutorials....for us "painting dummies" much is a good brush? Or what is a good brush?

Hayley@ bee sweet confections said...

Thank you so much for sharing your tips!! It's much appreciated and very sweet of you :)

Alison said...

vicki, you don't have to go overboard, i think i will pay somewhere between $8 and $12 for a brush which i consider to be medium range in pricing. I know they can be cheaper, and I know they can be pricier too!

Amanda @foodfascinations said...

These are amazing! I am in awe. So cool!

Lisa The BearFoot Baker said...

I am so glad you did this!! I have been dying to try it and now you have given me the courage!!! Thanks Ali and I LOVE these cookies! You rock!!

Kari said...

How do you stop the vodka from sort of 'eating' at your base frosting? When I have tried to use vodka and luster dust it pock-marks up my cookies.

Aimee said...

These are just too cute for words. I'm a new reader of your blog but I can't stop going through all your posts. You are such a talented cookie artist!


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