Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 12, 2015
Hello out there!!

Yes, I know, long time no

Let's catch up shall we?  July last year I made a sudden move back to Texas (Howdy Y'all!).  Got a job in commission sales,,,,new home sales to be exact...and I love my new job.  Husband came back from his work in California and started school learning high end automotive tuning (I think that sounds right)....Sophie is in Kindergarten and John is just the sweetest funniest little guy EVER!  (Naturally.... )

Anyway....I made these a while back....and it's nothing new....just a throwback to one of my earliest and most favorite designs...

These are Ecrandal lingerie cutters.....I have had this cutter for like 5 years at least now and it still looks practically new.  Love these cutter.  Love the shop. Love the people.

Anyway, back to life....

I am going to try really hard to get on here and do more more active.  It's going to be hard....Full time job, husband, kids, new takes up time.  But hey, I'm back in Texas which means...


Ok now, when I say this...keep in mind my limited time....Cookies that are super complicated (that take me days to make) like Alice, or Kentucky Derby.....I won't be able to do them.  Telling you right now.  But, cookies like these lingerie cookies...sure.  I would need ADVANCED notice.   Just FYI

I'll be posting more (said that already didn't I) tho I am afraid the cookie posts may be fewer than they have been in the past.  I'll still be posting cute family stories, great sweet baked recipes...all that.

And I missed you guys.  Really have.  Hopefully things will stay calm for a while.  :)

Happy Valentine's Day Y'all


Terri said...

Welcome back...and congrats on all the new things going on in your life!

Elizabeth L in Apex, NC said...

HOORAY!! Welcome back, missed you, too. So happy to see you baking again, and can't wait to hear about the family and new life!

Anonymous said...

What a pleasant surprise. So happy to see you back and hear things are going well for you. I'll look forward to whatever you have time to pot.
(Couldn't figure out the sign-in thing on my iPad, lol.)

Rogers Family said...

Welcome Back to Texas,
just moved back my self. I am the Keller area, suburb of Fort Worth.

Looking forward to hearing about your and hubbies new adventures

Georganne (LilaLoa) said...

Yeay!! Welcome back! These cookies are so so pretty!

Milena said...


Just found your site and love love your cookies! You are very talented. I am happy to hear that you are taking orders again. Do you ship to Canada?

Alison said...

I CAN. however I warn you shipping to Canada from Texas isnt cheap. But yeah I CAN


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