Saturday, October 23, 2010

Catching Up

Saturday, October 23, 2010
Ok...So I actually have a lot to catch up on here.  Lot's of cookie photos to post as well as other things.

This is because I am the worlds greatest procrastinator.

And in lieu of my special talent of putting things off as long as possible (and the rainy cold weather), I think I am going to do a little online shopping.  Gotta love online shopping.  It's so easy.  I can do it in my pajamas with last nights make-up on.  Been a little preoccupied at browsing CSN stores.  Because, like I've said before, they have everything.  Drop leaf tables, cookie cutters, futons for your frat-tastic cousin to crash on when he "just happens to be in the area" at 2 get the picture.

Now what I'm picturing is this:

Holidays are coming up fast....

Have I mentioned that I have a serious obsession with bunt pans lately?  No idea where it's coming from.  It has to be the change in the season....I always associate Christmas and Thanksgiving with good old fashioned pound cakes...and rum cakes :)

Check out these beauties:

WAIT WAIT!!!!.....


It's football season y'all!!  ooooo......

Yep...I'll be doing some shoppin' online today.  


kotomi said...

LOL the football stadium one is so great. And my favorite thing to do when the weather gets too cold to leave the house is online shopping :)


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