Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dark Chocolate Halloween...ooooooo

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Ok so my sister has been nagging me to try a chocolate cookie for some time now.

And Halloween is coming up so I though what better time than now?  I am a little wary of using a whole lot of black icing.  Just doesn't thrill me.  And all my designs were looking so....dark.  So I thought of a tasty alternative..(at least I think so)

Just used the cookie as my background.  I like it

And the cookies...*swoon*.  They taste like brownies.  I used dark dutch processed cocoa powder.  It's delicious.  Less sweet than the regular sugar.  With the icing it's perfect.  And yes, it really did bake up that dark.  No added food color in the dough.  I think it's my new favorite. 

More Halloween baking in the kitchen today!  Keep a look out. 


Kate H.(www.sprinkletherapy.blogspot.com) said...

Your royal icing is so perfect! These cookies look awesome!

Jackie said...

I love these cookies! They are a great alternative to black icing.

amalia said...

Beautiful! I just found your blog, and I'm so excited!!! I just made chocolate sugar cookies for the first time too! I was nervous about the taste b/c I like my traditional almond/vanilla ones, but the chocolate actually tasted pretty good...but yours turned out much darker! I'll have to try that cocoa next time. Love all of your creations!!!

Unknown said...

THese are absolutely amazing. Love the contrasting colors! Perfect designs!

Micki said...

Love this idea with just having decorations on top of cookie.
Did I miss where you might have posted this beautiful dark cookie recipe? Thanks


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