Wednesday, October 9, 2013

MORE Giveaway Stuff!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Ok so you know how like 9 days ago I said I would have some stuff of my own to contribute to the giveaway??

Well, besides what I buy at Candy house.....which is still a surprise) here is my humble contribution:

  • A Beater Blade (which I love....and this one is un-breakable!!)
  • 5 cookbooks: Macarons, Hello Cupcake, Milk and Cookies, Chocolate Passion, and Sugarlicious.
  • a liquid measuring cup
  • dry measuring cups
  • and a little Christmas package with liners and cute little toppers.
So not only do you get goodies from Bake It Pretty, Copper Gifts, Ecrandal Cutters, Karen's Cookies, The Cookie Countess, BRP Boxes and Candy House, but some other goodies as well..  I'll be mailing a big ol box!!

All the books are great.  I personally own a copy of each of these.  Macarons has some really great macaron recipes and iseas, Hello Cupcake is always fun, Milk and Cookies comes from the same named bakery in New York, Cocolate Passion has SO much delicious chocolate lovliness!!, and Sugarlicious is a COOKIE BOOK from our beloved Meaghan Mountford over at The Decorated Cookie.  

There's only 2 more days to enter the giveaway!!  So go on over to the GIVEAWAY page and enter NOW!!  And let your friends know too!  Let's make it a party!!  Woooo 10,000 Facebook Fans!!


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